Installing via FTP

To upload Fullscreen Background Images Pro through FTP, first connect to your website using your favorite FTP program. If you are not familiar with FTP programs, I recommend   Filezilla.

If you do not have the FTP connection info for your website, it can be obtained from your hosting company's control panel for your website.

Before connecting to your site's FTP, download the .zip file for Fullscreen Background Images Pro from your purchase receipt and extract its contents. This will leave you with a folder called  fullscreen-background-images-pro.

Once you are connected to your site via FTP, navigate to the  wp-content/plugins/ directory and upload the fullscreen-background-images-pro folder. The final folder path will be wp-content/plugins/fullscreen-background-images-pro.

Once the folder is uploaded, log into your WordPress site, navigate to  Plugins, locate Fullscreen Background Images Pro and click Activate Plugin.

You will now have a menu item labeled  Fullscreen Background Image under the Appearance menu in WordPress.

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